Created 4-Mar-13
This set of galleries is home for photographs of Oldham Corporation buses not actually at work on services from the Oldham garage. It will contain sections as described below, but not all are active yet.

It starts with shots of new buses, either at the manufacturer's works or specially posed in Oldham.

The second section shows buses in the garage or workshops.

The third shows Oldham buses on private hire. This covers a wider range than might be expected and also includes various enthusiasts tours that have been worked by Oldham buses.

Oldham buses have been loaned to other operators. In the main this relates either to wartime (when Oldham were well-provided with buses compared to other towns) or in the earlier PTE era when many short-term loans (and some longer ones) took place.

Another section covers Oldham buses after sale. This can mean the final ignominy of the scrapyard or further use.

Finally, there are the Oldham buses that passed into preservation.

New Buses

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New Buses

Buses in the garage

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Buses in the garage

Oldham buses working elsewhere

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Oldham buses working elsewhere

Buses after sale

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Buses after sale