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This service was initially licensed from 22nd November 1946 operating only on Saturdays and ran as far as Oakland Terrace. It became a daily service around 1951 and in 1953 was extended to its ultimate terminus at Coed Bonwenarth in 1953, however the destination remained “Oaklands” right through the Taff-Ely era. Double-deckers were not used for some time due to concerns about the road surface and cambers, but this was clearly resolved in time as shown in the gallery.

Out of Pontypridd it went along Bridge Street and up Corn Stores Hill to Merthyr Road and Pontshonnorton Road. It followed the same route through Cilfynydd as the Cilfynydd service which meant latterly it went out via Bedw Road, Howell Street and Richard Street (returning along Cilfynydd Road). From Cilfynydd it ran to Oakland via Jones Street, Mary Street, Wood Street, Oakland Terrace, Heol Gronfa and Heol Mynydd.

From the early 1980s the Oaklands service became the main route to Cifynydd (buses hardly terminated at the latter any more). It then took the route through Trallwn described under that service, namely Bridge Street to West Street roundabout, West Street, Middle Street, Ralph Street, Dorothy Street, Bonvilston Road, Coedpenmaen Road and Dodington Place, where it picked up the previous route on Pontshonnorton Road.
17032Pontypridd 50 (GNY 914) Taff Street 23-Jul-1962 A J Douglas 04535Pontypridd 68 (STX 104) Sardis Road Jul-1968 R Marshall1114211134JLJ39373Taff-Ely 28 (CBO 28V) and 16 (RUH 816M) Morgan Street 30-Aug-1986 John Jones 35742JLJ29303JLJ23102Pontypridd 66 (HAE 20) Llanover Road S N J WhiteJLJN426811181JLJ5606JLJ22735JLJ22732JLJ22733JLJN4269JLJ21250JLJ22731