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This gallery shows Oldham Corporation vehicles working somewhere else than from Oldham garage, but still in the ownership of Oldham or SELNEC/GMT. It is confined to buses that originated in the Oldham fleet, or were ordered by Oldham.

In practice there are two categories. The first resulted from Oldham’s comfortable fleet position at the beginning of the Second World War, due to replacement buses being delivered for the Manchester to Waterhead tram service but the government not permitting its abandonment. Oldham made older vehicles available to help in areas that were struggling due to damage or growth in demand due to war-related activities and buses were loaned to Bristol Tramways, Lancashire United and Red & White Services in Chepstow. A total of 26 buses was involved, with the hires to Lancashire United involving vehicles which had already worked for Bristol or Red & White.

The second category relates to transfers between depots within SELNEC/GMT. All the longer-term transfers of this type were of Atlanteans and usually to allow one-man operation to be expanded at the receiving depot. Older vehicles did sometimes move but usually only on a short-term basis - a typical example was during Oldham Wakes when the reduced requirement at Oldham resulted in buses being able to help at other garages. Short-term transfers in the main were confined to the Tameside (Ashton and Stalybridge) garages.
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