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Subject: Bradford C. T. 841 (FWX 911) and 728 (DKY 728)
Date: 31-Jul-1971
Location: St. Enoch's Road

841 is working to Wibsey and is not, as it might first seem, a four-boom trolleybus. Instead it is being closely tailed by 728 on the 46 to Buttershaw. This seems to have happened quite a lot, partly because the two trolleybus services combined with a motorbus service to give three journeys on this stretch every ten minutes. As a consequence it was quite easy for two trolleybuses to end up together - not making life easy for the substation!

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Keywords:Bradford, DKY724, East Lancs, FWX911, Karrier, Mexborough, Sunbeam, Swinton, trolleybus