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Operator: Manchester C.T.
Fleet No: 1336
Registration No: ONE 736
Chassis: BUT 9612T
Chassis No: 9612T.220
Electrical equipment: Metropolitan-Vickers non-regenerative
Motor: MV209AYG10 95HP
Body: Burlingham H32/28R
New: Dec-1955
Location: Audenshaw, Ryecroft Hall
Date: Dec-1966

Additional information:
The bus stop shows that this photograph was taken at the very end of trolleybus operation, as the 214 was a replacement for the Mayne's service to Kershaw Lane which was introduced at the time the trolleybuses finished.

Photograph taken by David Goodman

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Keywords:Audenshaw, BUT, Burlingham, Crossley, Manchester Corporation, Metropolitan-Vickers, Metrovick, ONE736, trolleybus