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Pontypridd bought eight new Bristol Ls after the war and they went on to give very good service. All had Beadle B32R bodies and they came in two batches with different styles of body.

The first postwar specification buses for the fleet were six Bristol Ls new in 1947. These were 47-52 (GNY 911-916), of which 47-50 had the L5G chassis whereas 51/2 had the Gardner 6LW engine which was more powerful but also longer. This caused some detail differences in the body design which are described in the caption to the photo of 52. 52 was withdrawn in 1959 after an accident but the others went on to lead long lives with Pontypridd, not least 51 which survived as a minor celebrity into the Taff-Ely era and still exists today, in semi-retirement, in Belgium.

Two further Bristol L5Gs were new in 1950 with a different style of Beadle body. 61/2 (JTX 522/3) were not finally withdrawn until 1969.

All these Bristol Ls had their bodies rebuilt to varying degrees, most visibly using rubber mounted windows and the removal of the original large destination box. The captions describe this in more detail.
Pontypridd 47 (GNY 911) Gelliwastad Road 2-Aug-1963 P J RelfPontypridd 48 (GNY 912) Glyntaff depot A RichardsonJordan, Blaenavon GNY 912 Phil SpositoWH36Pontypridd 49 (GNY 913) High Street unknownPontypridd 49 (GNY 913) Glyntaff depot BVBGPontypridd 49 (GNY 913) Glyntaff depot A RichardsonPontypridd 49 (GNY 913) Glyntaff depot Phil SpositoPontypridd 49 (GNY 913) Glyntaff depot 8-Jun-1967 John Kaye (John Boylett) 315-25Pontypridd 49 (GNY 913) ro Glyntaff depot Phil Sposito9461Pontypridd 50 (GNY 914) Taff Street 23-Jul-1962 A J Douglas 04535WN22WN14Pontypridd 51 (GNY 915) Glyntaff depot 8-Jun-1967 John Kaye (John Boylett) 315-22M11B (35)Pontypridd 51 (GNY 915) Glyntaff depotPontypridd 51, 61 and 62 rears Glyntaff depot167898558