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SHMD - the trolleybus operator that never was.

Three of Manchester’s routes could have been jointly operated with SHMD - the 210, 216 and 218. Although SHMD may have ordered some trolleybuses, they were never delivered and they decided that they would concentrate on supplying electricity and maintaining the overhead in their area. Their share of mileage was operated as motorbus mileage, principally on the 21/21A from Manchester to Stalybridge and Dukinfield, a route that may well have become part of this story had SHMD embraced trolleybus ownership.

The supply of electricity came to an end with the nationalisation of the electricity generating industry in 1948, before the 210 route to Hyde even opened. SHMD passed responsibility for maintaining the overhead to Ashton in 1963, by which time it was only the stretch from Stamford Park to Stalybridge. However, Ashton didn’t see that responsibility extending to removing it after abandonment and a dispute led to it remaining in position for over a year after the end of trolleybus operation.