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This service started with the major Saddleworth revisions on 31st October 2004, but as it doesn't run on a Sunday the first workings were on 1st November.

The service provides a quicker commuter link to Manchester by using the by-pass in Oldham and avoiding the town centre altogether. There is a handful of journeys into Manchester in the morning and the same in the opposite direction in the evening.

The terminal point in Manchester was originally in Oldham Street, but the last departure from that point was on Friday 17th April 2009. From the following Monday (20th April) services departed from a stand on Sackville Street due to the imposition of a Traffic Regulation Condition on the very congested stop on Oldham Street. The revised X84 had the stop in Sackville Street and also one in Piccadilly Gardens.

However, after operation on 22nd October 2010 the X84 returned to the original stop in Oldham Street, the first use of the new terminal point being made on Monday 25th October 2010.

Until 8th April 2013 the service had comprised three morning journeys to Manchester and four afternoon journeys to Carrcote. From that date two additional morning journeys and one evening journey were added, with the first journey in the morning and the last in the afternoon only running to or from Uppermill. However, from 19th July 2015 the two Uppermill journeys were withdrawn, leaving four buses a day in each direction.

This service has always been worked by First Manchester.