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Operator: Bradford C.T.
Fleet No: 601
Registration No: KY 8204
Chassis: AEC 661T
Chassis No: 661T.040
Body: English Electric H32/28R
New: 1934
In service: 21-Nov-1934
Rebodied: Brush H30/26R 1944
Withdrawn: 31-Aug-1959
Disposal: Hornby

Additional information:
When compared to the previous trolleybuses bought by Bradford, the English Electric six-wheelers, these must have seemed the height of modernity, although it must be borne in mind that the solitary AEC Q had already been running for some months!

Notable features are the substantial trolley gantry with the circuit breakers mounted on the roof. Also, due to the single skin roof the power cables have to be external and come down the central front pillar. Roof design is one area that did progress with later trolleybuses, with the final Weymann-bodied BUTs probably being the neatest of all.

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