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I tried to become part of the organisation in 1982 by applying for the post of Fleet Engineer in 1982 as seen in this section.

The interview technique was very unusual. I reported at the Municipal Buildings for interview at the appointed time, having spent my journey down from Blackpool preparing all the questions I wanted to ask and the answers to the questions I could expect. I was rather surprised to find all the other candidates there as well.

We were addressed as a group and informed that, five minutes before our interview time, we would be taken into an ante-room and given two questions to which we had to prepare the answers. After that we had to go to the Council Chamber and read our responses out to the full Council (or at least those who attended). That concluded the interview.

Being totally unprepared for this needless to say I didn’t get the job. However, it transpired that I knew the person who did. Mike Sagrott had been at Blackburn and I had met him there on enthusiast visits (mainly to see Crossley-bodied Guy Arab IIIs) and was to see him again in Pontypridd once he had settled in. He later moved to Fylde.
Taff-Ely fleet engineer job advert 28-Jul-1982Taff-Ely interview letter 10-Sep-1982