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This interesting set of photographs shows the first batch of trolleybuses delivered to Colombo. They were shipped in 1951 but the service didn't start operation until 22nd July 1953. This initial service ran from Fort to Kotahena and was operated by Colombo Municipal Passenger Transport Department, who only operated trolleybuses.

The buses were pure British, being the rather elegant Weymann body on a BUT chassis, which made quite a contrast with some of the local transport seen in these photos. The livery was green and cream, quite similar to that used by Nottingham.

The destination displays are worthy of comment. They are in three languages - English, Sinhalese and Tamil.

The Colombo trolleybus system ceased operation on 12th January 1964 according to one source and 1st January 1965 according to another - which is right?

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Victor Brumby
What a marvellous set of period shots set in pre-independence Ceylon and the trolleys share the road predominantly with British cars! Those were the days.... The 'CV' code on the numberplates is thought to convey ' Conduit Vehicle' but confirmation of that is sought by Europlate.
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