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Subject: Pontypridd UDC 93 (GTX 936D)
Chassis: AEC Regent V 2MD3RA
Body: Longwell Green H34/26F
Location: Pontypridd, Broadway
Date: 21-Jun-1970

This is the point where Sardis Road becomes Broadway and 93 is outside what was Pontypridd Post Office. This was where several bus services started such as the Rhondda service to Porthcawl and Bebb’s service, a Bebb’s bus being visible to the right. The Post Office became a Wetherspoon’s pub in 2004.

93 and 94 were a very unusual pair - they were the only double-deckers built by Longwell Green with front entrances and also the first bus bodies they built for about two years. They turned out to be the last Longwell Green bodies built and also probably the last in normal service when withdrawn in 1983.

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