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These trolleybus services started on 31st July 1938 as a replacement for the 26 tram service and originally workings to Audenshaw (Snipe) were numbered 27 with through workings to Ashton and Stalybridge numbered 26. The services took the more familiar numbers from 17th April 1950:

215: Stevenson Square to Audenshaw
216: Stevenson Square to Stalybridge

There were regular short workings to Clayton North Lane and Edge Lane as 215x and to Ashton as 216x. These were the services providing all the capacity along Ashton New Road and when one looks at old maps and sees the amount of housing in the Bradford area, as well as the industry, it is easily understood why a very intensive service was required.

The Audenshaw terminus moved from the Snipe to Ryecroft Hall, on a new gyratory system, from 25th May 1959 whilst the Stalybridge terminus moved to the new bus station from 26th November the same year. This latter involved trolleybuses making a loop in the opposite direction than previously.

Although there was a gradual creep of motorbus operation at non-core times, with firstly all-night services, then Sunday services and finally Saturday services being motorbus-operated, the Monday to Friday service was trolleybus-operated until the end on 30th December 1966.