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The licence for the first service to Graigwen (Pantygraigwen) was granted on 16th November 1931 and was originally linked to Treforest, but this changed several times. Originally the route used Graigwen Road but was diverted along Thomas Street and Pencerrig Street in 1938.

A service to Penygraigwen (The Rock) was introduced from 20th September 1938 with just three buses a day. This was withdrawn again in late 1940 but re-introduced on Saturdays only in 1948. In 1963 some Wednesday journeys were added and from 8th September 1964 Friday journeys were introduced in response to the increased development in that area. It was extended to Whiterock Close around 1965 and became a daily service at about the same time.

One of the features of the Graigwen service, shared with routes to Penycoedcae and The Common, was that at one time higher fares were charged for uphill journeys than downhill ones.

These two routes had a large section in common, splitting towards the end to go their respective terminii. The route left Gelliwastad Road by St. Catherine’s Church and went by way of Gelliwastad Grove, Thomas Street, a sharp turn into Pencerrig Street and Graigwen Road. Confusingly the Graigwen service turned off along Pantygraigwen Road to the terminus, whilst the Penygraigwen service climbed up Graigwen Road to the terminus at Whiterock Close. The Pantygraigwen terminus was referrred to as Graigwen until quite late whilst Penygraigwen was displayed as The Rock initially but in later years as Penygraigwen.
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