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A solitary Austin J2 was purchased in 1961 and registered 499 HNY. It would appear to have been built to PSV standards and licensed as such although it’s not clear if it was ever used in service. It didn't carry a fleet number. It has been said that it was used on a contract to carry cash twice a week between Barclay’s Bank branches in Pontypridd and Porth, with a crew of two!

This series of van-based vehicles was known as the Morris J2, Austin J2 and Austin 152. The Morris version featured a different style of front. This vehicle was petrol-engined and by that time the only such vehicle in the bus fleet. The bus versions was marketed as the Omnicoach and came in two basic versions, being with transverse or longitudinal seating. Pontypridd’s example had longitudinal seating and was licensed as 11-seater.

It was withdrawn in 1966.
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