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These two rather uninspiring vehicles joined the fleet in 1987, displacing the Ford Transits. They were Dodge S56 chassis with East Lancs DP24F bodies and numbered 38/39 (D38/39 NDW).

They survived (one year!) to be taken over by National Welsh in 1988 and were retained by that operator for a short while before going on to a succession of new owners.
JLJ36943Taff-Ely 38 (D38 NDW) Pontypridd bus station John Kaye (John Boylett) G7042Taff-Ely 38 (D38 NDW) Taff Street 9-Apr-1988 Carl Berry S0959617054CBS11286MDA (32)JLJ36914Taff-Ely BC 39 (D39 NDW) Pontypridd High Street 1987 John LawTaff-Ely 39 (D39 NDW) Taff Street John Kaye (John Boylett) G7043JLJ40747MDA (33)CBS14902ABC Euro Travel D39 NDW Leicester 1994 John LawStonier's D39 NDW Newcastle-under-Lyme 1993 John Law