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Dennis introduced the underfloor-engined Lancet chassis in 1981 with rather limited success, many examples being used as welfare vehicles or mobile libraries. With the exception of a later demonstration vehicle the last service buses on this chassis were these three supplied to Taff-Ely.

35-37 (A35-37 XBO) were on the Dennis Lancet SD515 chassis and had East Lancs B47F bodies, although 35 was reseated to DP43F in December 1985. They introduced a brighter livery featuring more cream. All three passed to National Welsh after the 1988 takeover and moved on to subsequent owners.
JLJ279271693417213Taff-Ely 35 (A35 XBO) Station Square 16-May-1985 Geoff Gould W11169JLJN4272JLJ38431M12E (115)UEA (83)JLJ4086717046JLJ298131119016942M12E (116)Taff-Ely 36 (A36 XBO) Rhondda Road 5-Jul-1986 Carl Berry S06596CBS16994JLJ29303JLJN4250Taff-Ely (National Welsh) 37 (A37 XBO) Pontypridd bus station 22-Oct-1988 Carl Berry S11132MDA (56)