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Pontypridd bought three 1940/41-built Bristol L5Gs from Bristol Tramways in 1952. They were virtually identical to the one bought new by the Council in 1941 (16) with one important difference - they were dual entrance with BBW B32D bodies.

Originally built with a floating cab, separate number and destination blinds and a hinged front door at the top of the steps, 65 and 66 had been rebuilt in Bristol with a fixed cab, single combined destination and number blind and a sliding front door at the bottom of the steps.

The front doors were not used in Pontypridd and on 65 and 66 were secured shut. As 67 had the front door at the top of the steps a rather different and unusual arrangement was adopted as can be seen in the photos.

The three vehicles were:

65 (HAE 17) ex-Bristol C2706
66 (HAE 20) ex-Bristol C2709
67 (HAE 21) ex-Bristol C2710

They were painted in Bristol and were also given the livery layout as applied to 16 when new, which was no longer the current livery style (although they weren’t lined out as 16 was originally). Later on they received standard fleet livery. All were withdrawn in 1957.
Bristol C2706 (HAE 17) Bristol Broad Quay BVBGBristol C2706 (HAE 17) Bristol Anchor Lane BVBGPontypridd 65 (HAE 17) Taylor SE1 PhotomaticBristol C2709 (HAE 20) Bristol Broad Quay BVBG9044Pontypridd 66 (HAE 20) Llanover Road S N J WhitePontypridd 66 (HAE 20) Sardis Road unknownBristol C2710 (HAE 21) Bristol Prince Street BVBGPontypridd 67 (HAE 21) Glyntaff depot Phil SpositoPontypridd 67 (HAE 21) Glyntaff depot R Marshall 2566