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There are few references to the history of this service and it also seems for some reason to have been rather camera-shy, so there are few photographs in this gallery despite it being as frequent as several other services that were more often photographed.

Morien Crescent was developed in the early post-war period and was originally developed with pre-fabricated housing. This was replaced in the 1960s.

A service was initially agreed in 1969 but was not introduced until February 1974 on Mondays to Saturdays.

The service in 1979 shared the same route as the other Rhydyfelin services until turning off at Ilan Avenue. From there it ran along Morien Crescent, Duffryn Crescent, Duffryn Road, Poplar Road and Fairfield Lane. It made a loop along Cardiff Road and Duffryn Road before returning on the original route at Duffryn Crescent.

It is quite likely that the service ran originally just to Morien Crescent (getting there via Duffryn Road) as the link road to Ilan Avenue from Cardiff Road wasn’t built until quite late. The destination was frequently shown as “Morien Crescent” as seen in this gallery.
H2 (95)Taff-Ely 28 (CBO 28V) and 16 (RUH 816M) Morgan Street 30-Aug-1986 John Jones 35742M12E (125)17289Taff-Ely 11 (GTG 93L) Taff Street 17-May-1980 Geoff Gould W8183HH 17 (103)9361Taff-Ely 11 (GTG 93L) Rhydyfelin Ilan Avenue 29-Mar-1980 Geoff Gould W8120