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By the time these buses were bought, most AEC Reliance production was for coach chassis but there were several loyal customers and notably most of them preferred the constant-mesh gearbox chosen by Pontypridd.

There were three of these vehicles numbered 9-11 (GTG 91-93L) which had AEC Reliance 6MU4R chassis with Willowbrook B45F bodies, but these featured wrap-round windscreens and longer windows and looked much more modern than Pontypridd’s earlier Reliances. They had air brakes, however the A letter at the end of the chassis designation had been dropped by AEC as they had stopped offering vacumm-braked chassis some years earlier.

In 1981 10 and 11 were reseated to DP43F, but this only lasted until 1983 when they were restored to their original layout. Withdrawal came in 1984 for 10 and 11, with 9 hanging on until the end of 1985.
Pontypridd 9 (GTG 91L) Caerphilly Market Street 14-Nov-1972 John Jones 664PH PP (17)M12E (100)HH 17 (105)JLJ23090JLJ2123516933M11B (28)PH PP (18)9361Taff-Ely 10 (GTG 92L) Glyntaff depot Aug-1978 Ken Aveyard111729087Pontypridd 11 (GTG 93L) Maesycoed Gelliwion Road 7-Mar-1973 John Jones 1208H2 (85)Taff-Ely 11 (GTG 93L) Rhydyfelin Ilan Avenue 29-Mar-1980 Geoff Gould W8120Taff-Ely 11 (GTG 93L) Taff Street 17-May-1980 Geoff Gould W8183JLJ26843