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The single-deckers bought by Pontypridd in the mid-fifties were unusual in several ways and as a consequence were of interest to enthusiasts and have been well photographed. The Guy Arab LUF chassis that was chosen was not a common one but seems to have suited Pontypridd well. The Roe bodies had the distinctive front end with downswept corners to the windscreens, reminiscent of the post-war Manchester standard body. They also featured rear entrances. This layout was never common on underfloor-engined chassis and these were almost the last built (just West Bromwich buying this configuration later) and seem to have been the last in service by some margin. All these buses had the Gardner 6HLW engine.

The first to arrive in 1956 was 68 (STX 104). One of three buses bought that year which were the first new buses for six years, it was a Guy Arab LUF with a Roe B41R body. It was withdrawn in 1968 but survived for several years, being used as a source of spares for the later vehicles.

In 1957 a further three virtually-identical vehicles arrived as 77-79 (VNY 655-657). These lasted longer, with 78 and 79 being withdrawn in 1973 and 77 lasting until 1974, lasting just long enough to run in Taff-Ely ownership. 77 went on to see further use with a local children’s jazz band before sadly going for scrap.
9067Pontypridd 68 (STX 104) Morgan Street Phil SpositoPontypridd 68 (STX 104) Glyntaff depot 8-Jun-1967 John Kaye (John Boylett) 315-24G1 (68)Pontypridd 68 (STX 104) Taff Street Sep-1967 Martin Llewellyn OmnicolourPontypridd 68 (STX 104) Bridge Street Sep-1967 Martin Llewellyn OmnicolourPontypridd 68 (STX 104) Sardis Road Jul-1968 R MarshallPontypridd 68 (STX 104) Glyntaff depotPontypridd 77 (VNY 655) Taff Street A RichardsonPontypridd 77 (VNY 655) Taff Street Phil SpositoPontypridd 77 (VNY 655) Bridge Street 1960s John Kaye (David Everett) DJE_07_04M11B (40)856017140JLJN2831JLJ1209Pontypridd 77 (VNY655) Station Square Mar-1973 Geoff Gould W4045Pontypridd 77 (VNY655) rn Sardis Road Mar-1973 Geoff Gould W4044Pontypridd 77 (VNY655) ro Gelliwastad Road Mar-1973 Geoff Gould W404611124