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The 430 appeared in 1985 as a Summer Sunday service from Rochdale to Greenfield. It was marketed as the "Saddleworth Link”. The route taken was from Rochdale to New Hey, with alternate journeys going either via Buckstones Road and Grains Bar to Denshaw or directly from New Hey and Peppermint Bridge, then Denshaw, Delph, Uppermill and Greenfield. This service operated from the first Sunday in May until the first Sunday in October for each season except that it finished one week earlier in 1988.

For the 1986 season the service was revised and extended. Two journeys now started and finished in Bury and four of the seven daily journeys continued from Greenfield to Holmfirth. The route was also changed so that all journeys went directly from New Hey to Denshaw. In its new guise it was marketed as “Pennine Edge”.

The 1987 service was similar but for this year all but the first and last journeys ran the full length of the route. The final year of operation was 1988 and for this season only alternate buses went to Holmfirth, although there were more journeys each day.

It brought unfamiliar vehicles into Saddleworth as it was operated by the garages at Rochdale and Bury, although Oldham may have been involved for the 1988 season.
430010_12514430011_12484430050_12557430080_12442GMT 8528 (SND 528X) Greenfield Clarence May-1986 (processing) Mark Green collection