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Operator: Bradford C.T.
Fleet No: 597
Registration No: KY 6200
Chassis: AEC 661T
Chassis No: 661T.033
Body: English Electric H32/28R
New: 1934
In service: 21-Nov-1934
Rebodied: NCB H30/26R 1948
Withdrawn: 30-Jul-1962
Disposal: Training trolleybus 060

Additional information:
Seen on Thornton Road on 20-Aug-1963, 060 gave very good service to Bradford, lasting as a training vehicle until 14-Oct-1965, by which time it was almost thirty-one years old! As the first of Bradford's modern trolleybuses, albeit rebodied, it is a pity this wasn't selected for preservation.

Photograph courtesy of Peter Relf

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