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This trolleybus service replaced initially the 15x service from Piccadilly to Guide Bridge. The 15 was a Guide Bridge to Worsley service which remained in operation. As it required lowbridge double-deckers for part of the service in Salford, a type Salford did not possess, it was worked exclusively by Manchester. It was truncated to a Piccadilly to Worsley service during the war and after diversions were implemented it was eventually worked exclusively by Salford. Curiously, the 219 service was extended again into Salford in PTE days.

The 29 trolleybus ran to Guide Bridge from 16th October 1939 and was extended to Ashton on 22nd March 1940. From 17th April 1950 the service was renumbered 219. Like the 218 it originally had a clockwise terminal loop in Manchester, but again the terminus moved to the other side of Portland Street on 16th June 1957.

The 219 was jointly worked by Ashton and Manchester. It was withdrawn without ceremony on 10th October 1964 and replaced by motorbuses working the same route.