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In 1932 Pontypridd bought two small single-deckers. These were 16/17 (TG 3805/6), Morris RP chassis with Petty B20F bodies. They were not deemed a success and were withdrawn in 1938. They have in the past been reported as being purchased for the Caerphilly service but this does not seem to be backed up by Council records.

Petty B20F coachwork was chosen again for three more small buses bought in 1934. 18-20 (TG 8789-91) were Thornycroft EE4/JUR chassis fitted with Dorman 4JUR oil engines. These were also short-lived, 18 being withdrawn in 1938 and the other two in 1941.

The last single-decker in this group was not technically pre-war as it wasn’t new until 1940, but was of pre-war style, not utility. This was 16 (ETX 322) which was a Bristol L5G with BBW B36R body, later re-seated to B35R. Despite being a one-off it was clearly a useful bus and operated in service until 1956. It was then converted for use as a training and towing vehicle and lasted as such until 1962.
Pontypridd 20 (TG 8791) Pantygraigwen John Jones collectionPontypridd 16 (ETX 322) Brislington Body Works BVBG A G VowlesPontypridd 16 (ETX 322) Taff Street D A JonesKWS2031Pontypridd 16 (ETX 322) Glyntaff Cemetery Road BVBGPontypridd 16 (ETX 322) Glyntaff depot Phil Sposito