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A last attempt was made to make Taff-Ely Transport Ltd viable with the introduction of these eight minibuses which presented a better image than that given by the competition. Based on the Volkswagen LT55 and with an Optare DP25F body they were smart vehicles.

40-46 (E40-46 RDW) were new in 1987 and were joined later that year by 47 (E750 VWT) which had been a demonstrator. The latter vehicle arrived in a silver and blue livery which it retained.

All passed to National Welsh at the takeover but 40-45 were almost immediately exchanged for a batch of Cambus Ford Transits to try to reduce the diversity of the National Welsh fleet. 46/47 were briefly renumbered 246/247 in the National Welsh fleet before following their sisters to Cambridge.
M12E (119)PH CMB (118)M12E (120)JLJ38864Cambus 922 (E42 RDW) Cambridge Drummer Street John Kaye (John Boylett) F1135Taff-Ely 43 (E43 RDW) Taff Street John Kaye (John Boylett) G7044Taff-Ely 43 (E43 RDW) Gelliwastad Road 9-Apr-1988 Carl Berry S09600UAD (64)JLJ39199Cambus 924 (E44 RDW) Cambridge station 1988 John LawPH CMB (97)Cambus 924 (E44 RDW) Cambridge station John Kaye (John Boylett) F113617290Taff-Ely 45 (E45 RDW) Pontypridd bus station John Kaye (John Boylett) G7046Taff-Ely 45 (E45 RDW) Taff Street John Kaye (John Boylett) G7045M12E (121)Taff-Ely 46 (E46 RDW) Berw Road John Kaye (John Boylett) G7048Taff-Ely 46 (E46 RDW) Taff Street John Kaye (John Boylett) G7047Cambus 926 (E46 RDW) Cambridge Cowley Road depot fn John Kaye (John Boylett) F1138Cambus 926 (E46 RDW) Cambridge Cowley Road depot fo John Kaye (John Boylett) F1137