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From 21st May 1973 the service was worked from the former Oldham Corporation garage.

As part of a general renumbering, the 158 became the 438 from 2nd December 1973. The next change came on 25th September 1977 when certain journeys were diverted to leave Mossley using Carrhill Road (Roughtown) instead of Stockport Road. These journeys were numbered 436 and provided a service again along that road that was once provided by the 157 but had ceased some years previously.

This service pattern remained until the 436 and 438 ceased with the service revisions from 20th July 1980, replaced by the 353, 355 and 356.

This gallery only covers the period this service was worked from the former Oldham Corporation garage - the full story can be found in the Saddleworth Buses gallery.