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I have grouped these two together as I believe they are related, but I’ve not been able to find any information at all on the Acacia Street service so far. My working assumption is that Acacia Street was an alternative description of the Sycamore Street service.

The original terminus of the Rhydyfelin service was at the junction of Sycamore Street and Duffryn Road and whilst the Sycamore Street service may have just been a short working of the Rhydyfelin service once it was extended to Dynea it may also have continued along Sycamore Street where a good terminal loop would be formed by Sycamore Street, Chestnut Street and Acacia Street.

What is know is that a supplementary service started to Sycamore Street around 1948. It ran mainly on Saturdays and was withdrawn in 1968.
Pontypridd 54 (HTX 609) Taff Street A RichardsonPontypridd 58 (HTX 613) High Street Phil SpositoPontypridd 40 (FNY 933) Cardiff Museum Avenue 26-Jun-1983 Geoff Gould W10179