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It would seem that school service operation really mushroomed in the Taff-Ely era and in some ways the school services became the best known of Taff-Ely’s operation as they were the reason the AEC Regent Vs were retained to become the last major working fleet of the type.

I hope to be able to expand on the services operated at some future time, but this collection gives a glimpse of how the services extended around the area, bringing Taff-Ely buses to several places they were not seen in normal service.
JLJ21278Taff-Ely 8 (UTG 313G) Old Ynysybwl Heol-y-Mynach 22-Oct-1982 John Jones 22873JLJ22871JLJ21248JLJ23560JLJ22868JLJ22870JLJ21240JLJ202041116311149111601115811153111641115911150JLJ25043JLJ25046JLJ25048