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Towards the end of Pontypridd Urban District Council’s existence they looked forward to their future vehicle policy and one of the results of this was a trio of Metro-Scania saloons.

These vehicles were the fruits of a collaboration between Scania and Metro-Cammell and the result was a semi-integral vehicle featuring Scania running units. The powerful engine, torque converter drive and air suspension made for a bus that was very different from those in the Pontypridd fleet, or for that matter, most other fleets at the time.

12/13 (NTX 324/325L) arrived in June 1973 and were Metro-Scania BR111MH models with B44F bodies. The following December saw the arrival of 15 (PKG 869M), a similar vehicle but apparently fitted with the ‘quiet pack’ to reduce noise emissions. This last vehicle is believed to have been the last Metro-Scania saloon built and carried a “Metropolitan” badge at the front which was actually the name given to the double-decker that was a later result of the same collaborative venture.

The ride quality and performance of these vehicles would certainly have been a revelation. So, unfortunately, was the fuel consumption and corrosion gradually became a problem. As a consequence they had short lives with 12 being withdrawn in 1979 and the other two only lasting until 1981.
Taff-Ely 12 (NTX 324L) Glyncoch Cefn Lane unknownM12E (102)Taff-Ely 12 (NTX 324L) Morgan Street 19771693817044Pontypridd 13 (NTX 325L) Cilfynydd Cifynydd Road 12-Jan-1974 John Jones 3066PH PP (19)Taff-Ely BC 13 (NTX 325L) Nov-1975 John LawJLJ3065Pontypridd 15 (PKG 869M) Treforest Queen Street 16-Mar-1974 John Jones 3216Taff-Ely 15 (PKG 869M) off Chapel Street 1977 Anthony Cross11178Taff-Ely 15 (PKG 869M) Glyntaff depot 1979 John Banks1117911180West Somerset Railway PKG 869M Bishops Lydeard c1982 John LawHD (6)