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8 (UK 8948) was a Guy BTX60 with a Guy body alternatively quoted as H31/28R and H30/29R. It started life as a Guy demonstrator new in January 1930 and came to Pontypridd in January 1931. After a short period on hire it was purchased by the Council. It provided valuable additional capacity and was in use until most of the wartime Karriers had arrived. It was withdrawn in 1946 and sold for use as a static caravan at Porthcawl.

The early gestation of 9 is more complex, as it started as one of a pair of experimental six-wheel motorbus chassis, an attempt by Bristol to get into the market for large-capacity vehicles, one that proved small and quite transient.

Doncaster persuaded Bristol to convert one of these vehicles to a trolleybus and following that the second chassis was converted and bodied by Beadle. It returned to Bristol and was tested within Brislington depot yard and also at night on the tram network using a skate for electrical return. It went to Pontypridd in March 1931 and after some delays entered service in June 1931. It was an immediate success and was bought by the Council, after protracted negotiation, in March 1932.

As Pontypridd 9 (HY 2391) it had a Bristol E chassis with Beadle H33/27R body. The Bristol registration was a consequence of its trial running in Brislington. It was withdrawn in 1946 and was sold as a caravan, it is believed on Anglesey.
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