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Operator: English Electric demonstrator
Fleet No: 560 with Bradford
Registration No: CK 3898
Chassis: Leyland Lion PLSC1 modified
Chassis No: 6001
Body: English Electric B31R (Later B32C)
New: 1927
In service: 29-Mar-1929 with Bradford
Withdrawn: 31-Dec-1938
Disposal: To Dalby (Bradford) for scrap

Additional information:
Close-up of the motor coupling. This chassis is recorded as having double reduction drive. I suspect there was a chassis-mounted gearbox just to the right of this photograph in addition to the normal differential. One of the reasons to suspect that is that the shaft visible here is much smaller than the prop shaft (see other photos) - to me this imply it handled a lower torque. Confirmation from someone in the know would be welcome.