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Operator: Manchester C.T.
Fleet No: 1302/25/56/22
Registration No: ONE 702/25/56/22
Chassis: BUT 9612T
Chassis No: 9612T.186/209/240/206
Electrical equipment: Metropolitan-Vickers non-regenerative
Motor: MV209AYG10 95HP
Body: Burlingham H32/28R
New: 1955/56
Location: Maudland Metals, Preston
Date: c.Mar-1967

Additional information:
Trolley poles wave aimlessly in the air for these BUTs that have made their final journey and are awaiting the cutter's torch that has already reduced the industrial steam locomotive on the right to small pieces. 1302 on the left was the first of the batch, arriving a couple of months before the rest and surviving to the last day of operation.

From an original slide in the David Beilby collection, original photographer unknown

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