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I first visited this operator almost by accident. In October 1969 I was in Pantdu on an unsuccessful search for the garage of Jones of that village which I was later to discover had been taken over by Thomas Bros some four years earlier. The bus that then turned up happened to be a Thomas Bros Tiger Cub on the service to Tonmawr, which only ran three journeys a day (this was a Sunday). An obliging driver waited for me to finish what was of necessity a brief visit and also ensured I made the onward connection with the United Welsh bus to Maesteg at Pontrhydyfen.

This brief visit made a very deep impression. It was an interesting fleet to be sure, but the location had a special atmosphere being up a dead-end valley and, as I had briefly been able to make out, a confusing array of old railways which sparked a lifelong interest in the railways of South Wales.

I paid two more visits in the next nine months, a further one in 1973 and then one more in 1978, other views are from original photographs I have acquired over the years and from other people's images that have been made available to me.

I hope you enjoy this look at a very interesting fleet painted (usually) in an attractive two-tone blue and cream livery. The depot had one of the more scenic outlooks, but sadly is now just housing.
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hi David, many thanks for taking the time to upload these photos, many of the vehicles in their fleet i hadnt found photos of yet,, so these make great additions, look forward to seeing more in the future....

if any visitors to this page and have other views of the Creamline fleet, please get in touch with me
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