David Beilby | 24-7 & 29/30 - Bradford Moor to Crossflatts

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This was the longest of all Bradford's trolleybus services, as it was almost nine miles from Bradford Moor to Crossflatts.

The introduction of an express bus to Crossflatts to replace the trams was planned in 1932. This would have been in competition with West Yorkshire Road Car buses and following the normal process resulting from the introduction of Road Service licensing in 1930 the company successfully objected. The trams continued but plans to convert to trolleybus operation were developed as the powers to do this had been thoughtfully gained in Bradford's 1930 Trolley Vehicle Act. The conversion was agreed on 18th December 1936 at a forecast cost of £115,303.

However, the development proceeded very slowly as negotiations were required with both Shipley and Bingley Urban District Councils as well as West Riding County Council as the highway authority. Construction was delayed by changes to the layout of Forster Square and also by the construction of the first roundabout in the area, at Saltaire. The service finally commenced operation on 7th May 1939 as the 24 from Forster Square to Crossflatts. At that stage short workings ran to Bingley (24), Nab Wood (25) and Saltaire (25).

In 1944 an additional turning circle was added at Ashfield Avenue, Frizinghall, workings to here being numbered 27.

Trolleybuses to Bradford Moor service started as a separate service numbered 30. Wiring work had started in 1946 but the service could not be started until new trolleybuses arrived and the BUT's on order were severely delayed in the manner of all deliveries in the early post-war period. The tram tracks were wearing out to the extent that motorbuses had to be used. The last tram ran on 24th July 1949 and eventually the trolleybuses arrived, allowing them to start operation from 4th December 1949. This service had a short working to Chelmsford Road which was numbered 29, but as this was not on the blinds fitted to the trolleybuses it was not displayed!

The separate service lasted less than a month as, following remodelling of Forster Square, through running commenced on 1st January 1950.

A change to rear number blinds (from destination blinds) prompted the allocation of a new number (27) in May 1955 for short workings to Bingley.

From here the decline began with the last working to Nab Wood on 16th November 1962. Only a day later workings through Forster Square ceased and the service moved to a new terminal point outside the Midland Hotel, with the Bradford Moor service being abandoned at that time. The Crossflatts service lasted less than a year, with the last trolleybuses running on 31st October 1963.

The vehicles for this service were provided by Saltaire depot, with involvement from Thornbury depot when the Bradford Moor service was running. A peculiar feature of the service was the requirement by Bingley U. D. C. that all trolleybuses have an annual licence which had to be displayed on the vehicle. This process lasted until the end of the trolleybuses and no doubt meant that the allocation of vehicles to this service was less fluid than elsewhere.

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Chris Hodgson(non-registered)
For all old "Hansonians" and Bradford Moor lads this was our route to/from everywhere interesting. Into town for onward trainspotting trips, or out to Bingley for days out in myrtle park etc. Our music teacher "Lugsy" Poole also took us swimming in the Windsor baths in Bradford, and for 2/3 years after the trolleys ended he would insist that we were going for the "trolley" into town from school. Nothing would convince him otherwise!
Interesting mention of Chelmsford Road, (a.k.a. "Sparrow Park" because of a small collection of trees at the junction with Barkerend Road). Only ever saw the turning circle in use once one evening when for some reason (Power cut?) no trolley could go past Chelmsford Road. All services turned round at Chelmsford Road. The wiring had obviously not been used for years as a spectacular "firework display" ensued as each trolley turned. Cannot remember seeing Chelmsford Road on the blinds. Happy days
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