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This was not a gallery I had originally planned, but when Frank showed me the original slides I found the images surprisingly strong, lingering in my mind afterwards. This particularly applies to the shots of partially dismantled overhead, a trolleybus equivalent of the marking "Track of old Railway" on an Ordnance Survey map. It's not there, but it's still very clear where it went.

Also, compared to when trolleybuses were running, this era is little-photographed as people went off to photograph other things or just stayed in as there were no more trolleybuses to see. Hopefully these photographs are of interest.

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kevin morris(non-registered)
I was so upset at the passing of the trolleys in Bradford that I didn't go out seeking partially dismantled wiring, but I thank you for your photographic record.

I went to Hanson Grammar School and was not long in the second form when the Bradford Moor 30 trolleybus route ended. The wiring remained intact until 1964 when it was taken down. It was so sad to see the span wires and ears intact but without the running wires. I can still see them in my mind's eye almost fifty years later!
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