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A variety of vehicles seen in Saddleworth over the years, but which cannot be put in any of the route collections. Most are vehicles visiting from relatively far afield but there are more local vehicles also.

Contractor's vehicles would appear in the area if large construction projects were taking place (for example Dovestone reservoir) but also, in the case of George Dew, probably to transport staff to where they lived. George Dew lived in Grasscroft and later Greenfield.

There is a section covering buses on driver training, an important part of the industry. Different requirements of training have seen different approaches over the years.

Tours used to be organised by enthusiasts groups and some are featured here, organised by the Ribble Enthusiasts Club. Such tours don't really happen nowadays as they are much more difficult to organise and there's less of interest to see anyway.

Buses that could be often seen in Saddleworth also feature here, but as they are not in service they don't belong in any specific service gallery.

Many preserved buses have passed through Saddleworth over the years, helped by a collection of vehicles being based in Greenfield for many years. Such vehicles have also been used to assist local organisations running events, one example being the Saddleworth Show, normally held on Churchill Fields. There have also been events specifically for preserved vehicles either held in Saddleworth, or in the case of the Lyndhurst Run, passing through on its way to Hollins.

Finally, there are the buses that just happen to be in Saddleworth for a variety of reasons. Whit Friday brings many coaches to Saddleworth but these now form a separate gallery.