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The 67 has a different character from Vienna's other tram routes. One reason is that it was, until 2017, a U-shaped route which saw little end-to-end traffic. It is also largely separated from other tram routes and has a lot of track length exclusive to the route. Both legs of the 'U' run off the Wiener Berg and as a result there are significant lengths of gradient, not a feature of most of Vienna's tram routes. Finally the route has a lot of segregated sleeper track. I found the 67 a very pleasant route, no doubt helped by the beautiful weather on the day I took a lot of the photographs (it says something about the relatively isolated nature of the route that the photographs were taken on just three of my many visits).

The terminal stop name was changed from Kurzentrum Oberlaa to Oberlaa - Therme Wien from September 2010, but nearly all the photos seen here were taken when the old name was used. The captions refer to the destination name at the time of the photograph.

From March 2014 the line was cut back from Oberlaa- Therme Wien to a new loop at Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung to allow construction work on the U1 extension to proceed. This opened on 2nd September 2017 and the service was cut back to Reumannplatz.

Vehicles are provided by Favoriten depot and are B/B1 class ULFs or E2 cars hauling c5 trailers.