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Vienna's 6 route is an important orbital route which shares a lot of track with the 18 but runs further out of the city. It serves three stops at the massive Zentralfriedhof (Cemetery) in the daytime but early morning and evening journeys terminate at Simmering depot (displayed as Fickeysstraße).

It is worked by the three principal types of tram, namely the E1, E2 and ULF cars (of the B class). These are provided by Favoriten and Simmering depots.

In addition to the extension to Zentralfriedhof 3 Tor during the day the 6 also has journeys that extend beyond to the Hauptwerkstätte, the main workshops of Wiener Linien. These take staff to work early in the morning with a further two trips in the afternoon to suit the 1500hrs finishing time. These workings make a complete circuit of the workshops.