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In heavy rain a landslip occurred on Stamford Road between top and bottom Mossley. This road carried several bus services and the only way round for large vehicles such as buses was via the hill at Greenfield station. This involved an extension to the journey of around four miles.

As a consequence, during this period many unusual vehicles visited Saddleworth working these diverted services. The services affected were:

232-5 - Manchester to Mossley
343 - Hyde to Oldham
350 - Ashton to Hey Farm Estate
353 - Ashton to Uppermill

The diversions took place initially in 2000 whilst temporary repairs took place and then again at intervals until 2004 when the major rebuild was completed.

Further diversions took place for a week commencing 24th October 2009. This brought a different set of vehicles, operators and services:

217/8 - Manchester - Mossley circular
343 - Hyde to Oldham
350 - Oldham to Ashton
S50 - Hey Farm Estate to Ashton

These services were diverted as before via Greenfield station, except for the 350. This time that ran from Ashton to Tameside Hospital then via Darnton Road, Ridge Hill Lane,Wakefield Road, through Heyrod to Bottom Mossley and as the normal route. In addition there was a Mossley Brookbottom to Tameside Hospital service.

However, during the week the arrangements for the 350 were revised. The through journeys from Ashton to Oldham continued the same way, but the Ashton to Hey Farm journeys were diverted via Greenfield station. It appears that the Mossley to Tameside hospital shuttle continued, surprisingly.

I have only included the diverted services which don't normally ran through Saddleworth. Other pictures can be seen in the 343, 350 and 353 galleries, but there are some pictures of the 350 dating from 2000 as it hadn't been extended into Saddleworth at that time.