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The beginnings of this service were in 1908 when a short line opened from Museumstraße to Andreas-Hofer-Straße passing Triumphpforte. This was extended in 1911 to Lindengasse in the suburb of Pradl. It was later diverted through Triumphpforte to Wiltener Platz and ran there for a considerable time, with the exception of some periods in the summer of 1930 and 1931 and during the Second World War when it was extended to Berg Isel.

The service ceased to run to Wiltener Platz at the end of 1964 and the service then made a clockwise circuit of the centre along Salurner Straße, Maria-Theresien-Straße and Museumstraße. In 1965 it was extended at the other end from Pradl to Amras.

In 2007 the loop around the centre was made even longer with the track in the northern part of Maria-Theresien-Straße being abandoned, and the 3 service took Anichstraße, Bürgerstraße, Innrain and Marktgraben to reach Museumstraße. In 2012 the service was diverted to a new terminus at Amras at Philippine-Welser-Straße and later the same year was extended on new track to Höttinger Au. The service then ceased to operate in a loop round the centre, instead as a conventional end-to-end service.