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This gallery tells the story of the delivery of New South Wales Government Railways electric loco 4601, a journey that took it almost half-way round the world.

This locomotive was built at the Bowesfield Works in Stockton-on-Tees, England that was a joint venture between Metropolitan-Vickers and Beyer Peacock. Stockton is of course famous in the railway field as one end of the pioneering Stockton and Darlington Railway but, apart from the period of around ten years when this factory was active, was not a centre for locomotive building.

4601 was the first of forty similar locomotives, known as Class 46, built over a period of around two years for the electrification of the steeply-graded line through the Blue Mountains. The first of these locos, 4601, was followed by various photographers for part of its long journey to Liverpool whence it was shipped to Australia. This story takes 4601 as far as its inaugural run on the newly-electrified railway.

Fortunately 4601 is still with us today, one of five members of this popular and successful class of locomotives that still survive, the final working members having been withdrawn from service at the beginning of 1996. 4601 is in the care of the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum.
210134 NSWGR 4601 Stockton210135 NSWGR 4601 Stockton210137 NSWGR 4601 Stockton210139 NSWGR 4601 Stockton210140 NSWGR 4601 Stockton210141 NSWGR 4601 StocktonSP6401 NSWGR 4601 StocktonSP6335 NSWGR 4601 Bleak Hey Nook Huddersfield RoadSP6336 NSWGR 4601 Bleak Hey Nook Huddersfield RoadSP6337 NSWGR 4601 Delph Huddersfield RoadSP6338 NSWGR 4601 Delph stationSP6339 NSWGR 4601 Delph StationSP6340 NSWGR 4601 Thurston CloughSP6341 NSWGR 4601 Thurston CloughWynn's EDW 96 and NSWGR 4601 Oldham Mumps BridgeWynn's EDW 96 and NSWGR 4601 Oldham MumpsWynn's EDW 96 and NSWGR 4601 Oldham Union StreetSP6343 NSWGR 4601 Failsworth Oldham RoadSP6344 NSWGR 4601 Manchester Great Ancoats StreetSP6345 NSWGR 4601 Manchester Newton Street

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Thanks David. Lovely story and photos, bringing back boyhood memories of the old A62.
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