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The Wiener Lokalbahnen is a very interesting operation that involves trams, buses and even railfreight. This collection is only concerned with the trams which run the single service from Vienna to Baden, which takes about an hour to get from one end to the other.

The line runs from Kärntner Ring, Oper in Vienna to Baden Josefsplatz and sees a mixture of operating environments with street running, subway operation, segregated track and at Baden some single-track street running. Parts of the route carry freight traffic.

The fleet comprises two types of vehicle, the AM8 high-floor vehicles and AM6 low-floor vehicles, which are regularly delivered in small batches from the Bombardier factory in Vienna. Workings are often formed from one of each type allowing more workings to have some low-floor accommodation.

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Ted Jones(non-registered)
Superb pix - makes me quite envious.Did mange to get a pic of an early bogie car at Wien depot yard when they were still in peak-hour service though. Didn't see the Royal Saloon then or later, however.
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