David Harrison(non-registered)
Great site, it's not easy to get information on the Rhondda Buses fleet and this has been a great hep
david wilson
Hi David.Great selection of photos.I remember as a lad travelling from Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway on these Dennis Ace(Ribble)busses for a"Grand Day Out".They were used on this run because of their short wheelbase,allowing them to negotiate the sharp curves on the railway bridges on this route.
Giles Fendle(non-registered)
Hi David. I lived in Staincross n 1973 and went to Mapplewell Infants which backed onto the mine. I remember racing the coal lorries up the hill out of the village, and the crossing on sparks lane. I hadn't realised steam was still used so long after the death of mainline steam. Mum tells me she took me to see the last steam express out of Waterloo as it flew through Surbiton. I was barely 2 months old!!
Simon Bentley(non-registered)
Hi David, just been reading with great interest about Bradford’s trolleybuses. I’m from the Cleckheaton area and too young for them (born 1979) but the termini at Tong Cemetery and Allerton are very familiar as we often passed this way when either going shopping in Bradford or to visit my uncle who lived in Wilsden when I was younger. Really enjoyed reading the detail you captured of all the different routes, thank you!

Roger Monk(non-registered)
An excellent collection of photos which I found from you posting a link to some industrial loco photos on the IRS discussion group
Alan Holland(non-registered)
David, your photos are amazing,and are a credit to your hard work and knowledge,in the years when 163 was being done.
Thank you for your help and advice
alf sterling(non-registered)
hello David,
I have seen your picture of 3746RH taken at night time,i have been reading your website and came across that any of your pics are not to be used without your permission,i understand this.(so can I have permission) to use this pic on our website all about restoring this bus 3746RH
thanks alf sterling
Steve White(non-registered)
Fantastic collection of pictures. Born in jan 1970 I can't remember travelling on a trolleybus but I do have vivid memories of the wires on the 40 Saltaire route being removed on Highfield Rd. Thanks again.
Steve Hyde(non-registered)
Great selection of photographs David. I could spend many happy hours trying to locate some of those town centre shots. The scans of those colour shots you have done are excelent.
Peter Berry(non-registered)
At MGS you had a passion for transport. Glad you've maintained it!
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