David Beilby | E - Ersatzverkehr Linie

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When I first saw the E line on a list of Vienna tram routes I couldn't understand it, as it seemed to run from anywhere to anywhere. This part was in fact correctly interpreted, as it is a substitute route, a designation to cover special ad-hoc services.

On the occasion shown here, it was a replacement for part of the U6 line, closed temporarily due to structural problems discovered when refurbishing the station at Josefstädter Straße.

The route ran from Nußdorfer Straße to Westbahnhof. With an additional four-to-five minute headway service passing through some of the busiest parts of the tram network there was some congestion at peak times. It operated from July 18th to August 28th 2011 and featured 24-hour operation at weekends and public holidays in line with the normal U6 timetable.

This was apparently the first time ULF cars have been used on an E service.