David Beilby | 26 - Hausfeldstraße to Strebersdorf

Created 14-May-17
Modified 16-May-17
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This new service started in October 2013 and was an extension of the previous 26 which had been temporarily shortened to terminate at Kagran instead of Aspern, following the introduction of the new 25 service. The section of route from Kagraner Platz to Hausfeldstraße was mainly new although the initial part had once been the tram route 317 which was a long a semi-rural service to Groß-Enzersdorf.

The 26 is worked by Kagran and Floridsdorf depots using ULFs of types B and B1 along with E1 cars in combination with c4 trailers.

Currently the photographic coverage of this route is confined almost exclusively to the new section from Kagraner Platz to Hausfeldstraße but the rest of the route can be seen in the gallery for the previous 26 service.