David Beilby | 26 - Aspern to Strebersdorf

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The 26 route was unique in the period covered by this collection as it was the only one that was only on the north-east side of the river (excluding the 30 which is only a short working of the 31). It was also the only route worked by Kagran depot and was in addition worked by Floridsdorf depot, between them using B cars and E1 cars hauling c4 trailers.

In terms of journey time the 26 was the second longest in Vienna, the longest being the 2.

In December 2012 the new link from Donaufelder Straße to Kagran was opened. This was then used by the new 25 service to Aspern (see that collection) and the 26 was curtailed to operate just to Kagran.

In October 2013 a revised 26 was introduced from Hausfeldstraße to Strebersdorf which is covered in a separate collection.