David Beilby | 71 - Börse to Zentralfriedhof 3. Tor

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The 71 is one of Vienna's longer routes, heading down to the south-east of the city. It shares a significant section of its track with the 6 route, but much less off-peak when the 71 is curtailed at Fickeysstraße (Simmering depot).

This service used to operate from a stop by Schubertring on the edge Schwarzenbergplatz (and displayed as the latter) and ran to Kaiserebersdorf. However, as part of a larger plan for reorganising services around the Ring (although this stage was implemented in December 2012, later than the others) the 71 was extended part way round the Ring to Börse and the terminus at the other end was exchanged with that of the 6.

Hence the 71 runs to Zentralfriedhof 3. Tor during the day and Fickeysstraße in the evening and also is now the service that has a handful of journeys extended to the Hauptwerkstätte, the main workshop of Wiener Linien.

The 71 is one of two routes worked from Simmering depot and is operated by E2 cars hauling c5 trailers or B/B1 class ULF cars.