David Beilby | 25 - Aspern to Floridsdorf

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Until 2006 a 25 tram route had run from Aspern to Leopoldau but the extension of the U1 Metro line north to Leopoldau led to its abandonment and the extension of the 26 service to Aspern.

New developments on the tram routes north of the Danube led to the opening of a new line from Kagraner Platz to Hausfeldstraße in 2013 and the 26 service from Strebersdorf was linked with this. From December 2012 a new line was opened from Donaufelder Straße to Kagran along Tokiostraße and Prandaugasse and a new service was introduced from Aspern to Floridsdorf using this new link. As a consequence in 2013 a section of track along Wagramer Straße from Kagran to Kagraner Platz was abandoned.

The 25 is worked from Floridsdorf and Kagran depots (mainly the latter) using B and B1 ULF cars and E1s hauling c4 trailers.