I hope you enjoy looking round and would welcome any comments and further information you have.  This blog is to help you find your way around the gallery by telling you what's new and giving you tips on using the gallery.  I will continue to expand it and if there's any topic you think needs clarifying, please let me know.

Pontypridd update

August 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've recently completed a major update of the gallery on Pontypridd and Taff-Ely. This just concentrates on the motorbuses for now but most vehicles ever owned are there, many several times and in different liveries. There are almost 500 Pontypridd UDC/Taff-Ely photos there! In addition there are photographs of other operators on joint routes.

This comprehensive gallery would not have been possible without the willing support of quite a lot of photographers who are acknowledged against all their contributions. They have provided a diversity of both period and location that I could never have achieved.

I have also covered the evolution of the route network, but there is a lot of work to do on the route histories and they must be considered "best guesses" at the moment. There is good geographical coverage of most routes.

There will be another update in time and I would welcome any further contributions of original photographs to fill gaps in the gallery. Comprehensive it may be, but there are many gaps yet! Please contact me if you are willing to help.

I'm trying to make it an accurate reference source so please let me know when you find mistakes (as you surely will) - I welcome corrections.

I hope to gradually extend the route coverage to other parts of the Valleys, but this will take time!

90279027Subject: Pontypridd UDC 27 (FNY 422)
Chassis: Guy Arab II
Body: Park Royal UH30/26R
Location: Porth, Pontypridd Road
Date: 1950s

27 looks pristine as it waits for departure time in Porth. It is stood outside the Empire Cinema, next to which was the Lewis Merthyr Collieries Workmen’s Hall and Institute. All that is left of these two buildings now are the distinctive brick columns for the fence in front of the Hall.

From an original negative in the David Beilby collection, photographer unknown


Manchester and Ashton trolleybuses

August 08, 2015  •  1 Comment

I've added a smaller gallery on the trolleybuses of these two operators, the majority of the material relates to the last months of operation and features the final tour.  The gallery is at http://davidbeilby.zenfolio.com/f480400271


LMT010LMT010Operator: Manchester C.T.
Fleet No: 1344
Registration No: ONE 744
Chassis: BUT 9612T
Chassis No: 9612T.228
Electrical equipment: Metropolitan-Vickers non-regenerative
Motor: MV209AYG10 95HP
Body: Burlingham H32/28R
New: Dec-1955
Withdrawn: Jul-1964
Location: Manchester, Stevenson Square
Date: 31-Dec-1966

Additional information:
The public part of the final day's tour started in Stevenson Square and being a Saturday it was busy. Visible in this view are two Oldham buses (an Atlantean on the 98 to Waterhead on the left and a PD3 visible through the gap to the right on the 24 to Rochdale). To the right is Manchester 3437 (PND 437) on an 80x to Middleton. In the distance a PD2 disappears on the 10 to Greenfield (meaning it is on the odd hour) whilst one of the 3331-3370 batch of Leyland-bodied PD2s arrives on a replacement 215 motorbus service. The coach is Sheffield 900 (9000 WB).

From an original in the David Beilby collection taken by Joe Jackson

New photos

January 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Christmas/New Year break has given me time to add to the gallery again, developing some new themes introduced in the last year.  A second gallery from South Wales sees my tribute to Pontypridd Urban District Council, later Taff-Ely Borough Council.  With 127 photos it is quite a large gallery and I was rather surprised to find I had so much material on this operator.  Despite being the largest UDC operator the fleet size peaked at around fifty buses.  The gallery can be found at http://davidbeilby.zenfolio.com/f533760805 and here is a sample:

1678816788Subject: Pontypridd UDC 3 (NNY 760E)
Chassis: AEC Regent 2MD3RA
Body: Metro-Cammell H34/26F
Location: Glyntaff depot
Date: 29-Mar-1970

A splendid grouping of Regent Vs in original livery, with 92, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 visible.

From an original slide in the David Beilby collection, taken by Eric Langley

Another theme developed this year is industrial railways.  I visited a lot of installations (mainly collieries) in the early seventies and took a lot of photos almost exclusively of steam locos, but most have remained as negatives until now.  I'm approaching it on a location-by-location basis, adding all my material relevant to the location at the same time.  So far I have covered two pits in the Barnsley area with a small gallery relating to Emley Moor colliery (Skelmanthorpe) and a much larger one at North Gawber colliery (Mapplewell).  Industrial steam photos are at http://davidbeilby.zenfolio.com/f817456669:

NG066_6399NG066_6399Loco: No name or number
Maker: Hunslet 3212/1945
Date: 10-May-1972
Location: North Gawber Colliery
Finally, a bit more on a more familiar theme is a small selection of Rotherham trolleybuses.  Some of these appeared in the recent Middleton Press book on Rotherham trolleybuses and it was only as a result of that I came to realise that the English Electric photographer captured some rarely-seen locations and workings.  Enjoy a few Daimler trolleybuses at http://davidbeilby.zenfolio.com/p216309036:

PND50_275PND50_275Operator: Rotherham C. T.
Fleet No: 91
Registration No: FET 471
Chassis: Daimler CTE6
Body: East Lancs B38C
New: 1950
Rebodied: Roe H40/30R in 1956 and renumbered 34
Withdrawn: 1963

Additional information:
91 turns from Effingham Street into College Street at All Saints’ Square whilst working a short working on the Maltby service to Wickersley. Short workings used different numbers from the main service, giving the impression of a system that was bigger than it actually was.


I hope to add another Saddleworth Buses update before long.  Thanks for looking!


English Electric factory aerial view

September 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

For those spending some time looking at the English Electric bus photographs in particular, there is a 1937 view of the site on the Britainfromabove website which can help orientate you.  The photograph attached provides a link to the specific view.

The English Electric Works and environs, Preston, 1937 - Britain from Above

Saddleworth Buses - Last gallery added

December 21, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

The end of a six-year project is nigh!  The last planned gallery on Saddleworth's Buses has been completed tonight and new ones will only be added if there are new developments that warrant it.  This last gallery focuses on the coach services which passed through Saddleworth without stopping and can be found at:


What will follow soon are a series of updates to complete the project, as much as a project of this nature can ever be finished!

Thank you all for your interest over the years.

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